Where to put an ottoman?

Ottomans have been popular for years for a reason. They’re very versatile pieces of furniture that can be placed around the home depending on what the requirement is. You should think about why you most need the Ottoman and position it accordingly.

If you want a statement piece that will be the focal point of your living space, then almost certainly the Ottoman should be placed dead centre of the room. It should then be adorned with a tray and interesting decorative items. The Ottoman should be around the same height of any sofas, as you may still want somewhere to place tired feet.

If you mainly want something to provide a hiding space for living room clutter and accessories, then you may wish to place a smaller sized Ottoman next to your sofa or chair. This way it can also double as a table for drinks and snacks whilst watching TV. Things like untidy magazines and mail can all be kept out of sight this way.

Use an Ottoman to keep childrens bedrooms tidy by doubling up as a toy box. Not only can you keep toys tidily stowed away and not have to tread on Lego bricks every time you enter the room, it can make a nice bit of seating for when it comes to bedtime stories.

What about using an Ottoman at the foot of your bed? This provides somewhere to sit in the bedroom, but also makes a home for spare blankets and pillows that are only used once in a while when guests are staying.

Finally, small Ottomans can be used as additional seating when extra guests are arriving. When not in use they can be placed tidily away next to sofas or chairs, or size depending, they can be slid underneath tables.


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