Hallway Bench

Nothing is more useful than having hallway bench. It's the perfect extra seat for narrow hallways, providing a spot to sit while putting on your shoes before heading out the door. Even a hallway bench with storage is an option for hiding extra pairs of shoes.

Hallway Benches

A beautiful hallway bench can make the all the difference when you enter your home, they make for a warm welcoming feel. Hallway benches come in many styles and sizes, they are both practical and stylish. Choose from a hallway storage bench an end of bed bench for getting ready in the morning or a just a bench seat placed in front of the window to watch the world go by. A hallway bench stool can be used in many rooms in your home, placed underneath a window to be used as a window bench seat. The perfect spot for spare seating when guests are around for parties. If it’s a bench style footstool with storage then it could be used as somewhere to neatly store a collection of CD’s and DVD’s. What about in a conservatory? Bench stools are a great way of providing seating when space is at a premium. Big enough to happily seat two people, but not so large that it dominates the entire space.

We may not spend much time in our hallway, but that doesn't mean you couldn't add an upholstered bench stool so you can take off your shoes, hang up your jacket, or give yourself that last glance in the mirror. A hallway is commonly both long and narrow, making it difficult to use larger furniture pieces. However, because it serves as the home's main coming and goings for the whole family, you don't want to leave it completely empty. A hallway bench is a wonderful alternative to an accent chair, the beauty of it is just how portable a bench stool is. Therefore, if you choose to take it out of your hallway, you may use it as a footstool coffee table in the living room or exchange your dining chairs for one of these benches. Because of this, we make sure that every bench stool we sell is incredibly sturdy and can easily support the weight of several adults.

At footstools.co.uk, we never skimp on quality. You can be confident that your bench will last for many years, whether you choose to buy a storage bench or a plush velvet upholstered bench. Not only that, but several of our benches also have plush padded tops, even though you might not be thinking about how comfy a hallway bench is, our benches can also serve as extra seating space. Our customer service is second to none, we care deeply about all our customers. If you ever have any queries, we’re only an email or phone call away. Our bench footstools are the obvious choice for anyone looking for something that is stylish and versatile. They are built to look great and appeal to everyone's taste.

Every item we sell is hand built from start to finish by us right here in the UK.  We use only the best materials and construction methods.  All our bench footstools come complete with a 3 year warranty. All our furniture is automatically enrolled in a free thirty day trial.  We do this because we’re so confident you’ll love our work. No more waiting around for weeks or months, after you place your order, we begin building your bench stool and delivery is free on all orders.