How to style an Ottoman?

An Ottoman makes a great focal point to your living space. Before purchasing you should carefully consider the size, colour and style to make sure it complements your existing furniture and colour scheme. It should provide comfort for tired feet, hide-away storage for messy items and stylish interest to the living space.

There are several good fabric options to choose from. Currently Velvet is very on trend and stays looking good with minimal maintenance. Another good option to consider would be leather, as this is modern and if any spillages do occur, then this can easily be mopped up.

When it comes to adding accessories, then a large statement tray is the perfect starting place. These are the perfect place for placing all your ornaments and treasures

When it comes to choosing accessories opt for bigger rather than smaller. Big items look full and expensive. Another tip is the way you position your items. Have you ever noticed that in furniture showrooms the ornaments placed on coffee tables and Ottomans are always facing away from the sofa. This is so they face you as you walk into the room.

If you can’t decide on what to use to adorn the tray, then candles are always a great choice. The flickering lights of candles will enhance the space and create a warm, welcoming environment.

Are you often entertaining guests? If so, then placing a decanter, ice bucket and set of glasses create a classy first impression.

Whatever items you decide to choose, have in mind that items of varying sizes and heights create more texture and interest.

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