How to decorate an Ottoman?

Not only are ottomans functional and provide a bit of storage space if you don’t own a coffee table. They also make a great focal point of the living room. They’re a creative way to really elevate the look of the space. The items you choose to dress your ottoman with should not only look great, but provide a purpose.

A good ottoman tray is the starting place here, choose one which complements the colour of the furnishings. It should have a gloss finish, so that any spills can simply be mopped up without causing any damage.

Take your time and choose items to display on the tray that look great and add interest, but also leave some storage space for items like TV remotes.

Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Coffee table books – These are interesting books (hardback is best) which provide a good read when you have a bit of spare time in the evening. They can also be a good talking point when guests pop round. Stack them in odd numbers, with the largest book at the bottom of the pile for the greatest visual effect.

Scents – Use candles and reed diffusers to add ambiance and scent to your room. Candles add warmth and cosiness to the room especially in the winter. Either one large candle would work well, but often three smaller candles works best. Choose varying heights of candle to add texture.

Greenery – Add some freshness with plants. These should be chosen in accordance with the season. For instance fresh Daffodils could be used in Spring. If the room is quite dark, then don’t hesitate to use artificial plants. Try using cactus, as these are quite interesting and add texture

Overall, the way you dress an Ottoman can easily be changed from season to season, or as you change the internal decoration for very little outlay and effort.

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