Can you use an Ottoman as a coffee table?

The Ottoman is a multi-purpose item of furniture making it extremely versatile. Not only does it serve as the centre-piece of the room and offer somewhere comfy to perch your feet upon, it also doubles up as a great coffee table.

Make sure when choosing your ottoman that the surface of your ottoman is fairly flat. Choose a fabric that is easy to care for and clean if any spillages or mishaps do occur.

Using a tray is a good idea for placing drinks or food on top of the ottoman. Choose a tray with handles so it can easily be moved if you need access to the storage compartment of the ottoman.

The size of the ottoman should also be taken into account, it needs to offer enough space for a tray when being used as a coffee table, but also still enough space to place your feet on.

Make sure that the ottoman is of a similar height to your sofas and that its no longer than about two thirds of the total length of your sofas.

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