Green Round Footstool

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Green Round Footstools To Buy Online

A green round footstool can be placed easily in various homes and spaces. The fact they are round means they can easily be fitted next to a sofa or in between chairs in the center of the arrangement. The lack of any sharp corners to bump into on a green round footstool means they are rather well suited to a home where there are small children or pets. This helps minimise any accidents within the home. They can double up as a coffee table in order to place handy items nearby. Some of these feature the added benefit of storage. A footstool or ottoman with storage usually features a lift up lid attached with hinges or a lid that is completely removable. These are great for hiding clutter and unsightly items. A green round footstool is commonly upholstered in leather, velvet or wool. Green can be paired well with various colours in the home and the use of a contrasting cushion placed on top can add a touch of flair. As with our entire range, these are handmade by ourselves.