Olive Green Footstool

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Olive Green Footstools To Buy Online

Introducing the Olive green footstool range. A footstool or ottoman in this shade of colour are undeniably on-trend. The rich and earthy tone brings a sense of warmth and harmony to the space. They’re great for adding a pop of colour and character to the room. They’ll blend effortlessly with the existing furniture in the room. Available in a range of sizes to suit every need. Choose a small olive green footstool where space is at a premium and needs to be stowed out the way when not in use. A larger footstool is great for making a statement piece in the center of the living space and can double up as spare seating, or even somewhere to display attractive items to create visual interest. As with any footstool or ottoman within our range, they’ve been handmade and upholstered by ourselves with the utmost attention to detail.